How Do I book a class?

There are a few options. You can

  1. Visit and click the “book your spot” button. You will be redirected to our mindbody scheduling profile

2. Call the studio or visit in person

What is the cost?

For the week of May 27th - June 1st all classes are FREE! During that week you can purchase classes and passes at a discounted price. You can see that pricing list at the bottom of this page.

What is the difference between solo meditation and other classes?

Solo Meditation passes is a drop-in style experience where you are purchasing a spot to come and sit without a teacher present to use our quiet studio space to have a personal or solo meditation experience. If you are looking for a guided meditation experience that experience is in the “class pass” pricing.



Here at the Mental Health Studio we have two types of meditation opportunities

Drop-in Meditation

We provide daily community drop-in, silent meditation in our safe and serene space. No class or teacher present. Just a time to come sit in stillness before work, during your lunch break, or after a long day all to yourself. We know our drop-in meditation space will allow you a structured time to leave the chaos, and just be still. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. There is no requirement or level of experience required. Come practice sitting. We provide a small instruction card with prompts for those looking for some guidance. The benefits of meditation come with consistency, we hope to see you regularly.

Guided Meditation

We provide multiple guided meditation classes and modalities for those looking to learn with a teacher. It can be your first time meditating, or an expert, this class is for all interests; join us for guided meditation, with Joe or Aubrey.


Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Ellie

Every human-being is worthy of feeling safe in their own mind and body, we provide this environment by the way we treat ourselves. However, in our imperfect world, we aren't always taught appropriate ways to sit with our emotions, create boundaries, or ask for what we need. An hr to an hr an a half of a one on one practice with me, I will teach a yoga sequence specifically to you, and your experiences. In this session we can stop and talk through emotional and physical blocks to help strengthen and heal the mind body connection.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Malorie

Trauma Sensitive yoga is a simple blend of breath, movement, and stillness, to promote the nurturing benefits of self-love and self-care. Yoga facilitates a gentle and compassionate relationship with the self, as we learn to grow gentle eyes towards the psychological and physiological discomforts that arise when we give ourselves permission to slow down, feel, stretch, rest, and let go.

Kundalini Yoga with Tara

This class is designed for anyone (regardless of their experience with yoga or meditation) who would like to learn how to meditate and have more power over their personal space and energy. It is beautiful for men and women and requires little flexibility.

Somatic Movement Therapy

Somatic Movement with Sarah

This class is for anyone who can move in basic ways (sit, stand, walk, lay on the floor) who is wanting to not only reconnect with their bodies, but also to develop more trust and confidence in their whole selves. Your body can be your greatest teacher. We will end class with a guided meditation and relaxation much like a yoga class. Bring a journal and a pen to class with you and dress to move.


Therapeutic Karaoke With Tiffany

It’s karaoke with a therapist who loves to take mental health off of the therapy couch and into real life! We make karaoke a therapeutic experience. Sometimes it’s just a party and sometimes we have emotions to process with the singer or crowd. It’s a space that sets the intention of: I’m going to be me and let’s support each other in doing that. It’s about making mental health fun. It’s about MOVING stuck emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and blocks by literally using our voices and challenging resistance.

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