Thereoke "Therapeutic Karaoke"

Meet us at the karaoke mic and share whatever song is in your heart with a group of thereoke lovers!

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Join Tiffany Roe as she supports you in using your voice with monthly Thereoke! Tiffany began therapeutic sober karaoke in 2015 while working in a substance abuse rehabilitation center. The clients reported the karaoke group to be the most popular and beneficial group at the center! Tiffany brings Thereoke to Mindful Counseling with hopes to support the mental health of the entire community, one song at a time.

Join Tiffany the first Tuesday of every month for Thereoke at 8:30pm

What is Thereoke?

Therepeutic Karaoke! It’s karaoke with a therapist who loves to take mental health off of the therapy couch and into real life! We make karaoke a therapeutic experience. Sometimes it’s just a party and sometimes we have emotions to process with the singer or crowd. It’s a space that sets the intention of: I’m going to be me and let’s support each other in doing that. It’s about making mental health fun. It’s about MOVING stuck emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and blocks by literally using our voices and challenging resistance.

Why Thereoke?

Use your voice!

Express through sound, song, music, and movement!

Step into vulnerability, connection, empathy, and bravery!

Face fear, the inner-critic, judgment, anxiety, worry, and thinking errors, self-defeating beliefs, and breakthrough!

Express experience through song choices!

Show support and compassion to self and others in the karaoke group setting!

Allow emotion to flow!

Have FUN, let go, let loose, be free, show authenticity and channel your inner-child through real life experiential joy!

Have a SAFE place to be who you truly are.

Build community with like-minded folks of all walks of life who also value mental health.

Thereoke addresses multiple modalities that benefit mental health at once: Physical (voice, movement, cheering, clapping, dancing, shouting, singing), Touch & Movement (microphone, high fives, dancing, clapping, cheering and body movement), Emotional (facing anxiety, fear, adrenaline, and all emotions that surface while singing), Social (community, friends, group), Mental (memory, repetition, song choice), Spiritual (expression, joy, song, community and voice are spiritual experiences for many).

Who is it for?

Every single human. It is for YOU. Hate your singing voice? It’s for you. Afraid to let go? It’s for you! Blocked by fears, anxieties, lack of community, or your inner-critic? It’s all you! Love singing and can’t wait to get on the mic? It’s for you too! It’s for anyone with a song in their heart!

This is a sober event for ages 15+