Meet us in our meditation room for daily guided meditation and drop-in silent meditation.

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Here at the Mental Health Studio we have two types of meditation opportunities

Drop-in Meditation

We provide daily community drop-in, silent meditation in our safe and serene space. No class or teacher present. Just a time to come sit in stillness before work, during your lunch break, or after a long day all to yourself. We know our drop-in meditation space will allow you a structured time to leave the chaos, and just be still. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. There is no requirement or level of experience required. Come practice sitting. We provide a small instruction card with prompts for those looking for some guidance. The benefits of meditation come with consistency, we hope to see you regularly.

Guided Meditation

We provide multiple guided meditation classes and modalities for those looking to learn with a teacher. It can be your first time meditating, or an expert, this class is for all interests; join us for guided meditation, with Joe or Aubrey.


Guided meditation teacher


Hi, i’m Joe

In an attempt to treat my own “rage-aholism” I found meditation. The journey of mediation has led me through traditional spiritual approaches including those of Tibetan Buddhist monks, energy healers, and religious experts. I became fixated on studying patterns in these styles and combined my findings with modern clinical approaches of mindfulness to create a series of hybrid and highly adaptable styles of meditation. After incorporating meditation into my life, my anger has calmed, my ability to relate and empathize has increased, and I enjoy all aspects of life tremendously.

who this class is for

Whether you consider yourself a novice or master, you can benefit from this meditative experience. Perhaps you’re like me and you are desperately needing more calm in your life. Perhaps you want to be more productive with your day. Perhaps you are seeking some deeper connection with something greater than you. These can all be grown and developed through our meditations.

What to expect from my class

Each class presents and reinforces basic parts of meditation: connection of mind, body, and breath. Then we get a little squirrely. We build upon this foundation through a variety of techniques from across the globe: guided imagery, yogic breathing, mantric chanting, light hypnosis (don’t worry, no one will think they’re a chicken), gestalt awareness, and many more. Each student is encouraged to discuss needs and goals for the meditative experience which allows the meditation to be tailored accordingly. Because of the varying needs of students attending each class, no two classes end up being the same.




Hi, I’m Aubrey

I’m a normal gal who has had a personal meditation practice for several years, taught many different types of meditation classes and retreats, and through that i’ve observed that there is no wrong way to meditate. As a Therapeutic Guided Meditation Instructor i’ve seen many Educators, Spiritual Leaders and Mental health experts teach their personal preference and way of meditation. All have a similar outcome: slowing down to observe. Guided Meditation is another way to slow down and observe your breath, your thoughts and your bodily sensations by interacting with your imagination, and relaxing. I don’t know more than you, or will claim to fix your problems, but I do know that this class will help you to experience what it feels like in your body to slow down and observe.

who this class is for

This Guided Meditation class is for all ages and all levels or interests. Whether you have meditated for years or are just starting your first meditation, I promise you’ll most likely enjoy the experience. I’m here to answer any questions and create a safe environment that is welcoming to all.

What to expect from my class

You’ll come and choose a yoga mat spot with a cushion. You can sit comfortably, lie down, use support of blankets, bolsters or pads. I’ll introduce myself and describe the meditation we will do that day for the class. We’ll begin relaxation and I will start the guided meditation. Any guided meditation experience will last anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

Benefits of meditation:

Mood regulation 

Anxiety reduction 

Decreased depression

Panic reduction

Decreased substance abuse

Improved sleep

Stress reduction

Fosters kindness & compassion

Improved focus & attention

Improved decision making 

Pain relief 

Helps manage ADHD

Improved memory

Increased self-awareness

Improved mood and psychological well-being 

Reduced risk of heart disease 

Reduced blood pressure and inflammatory disorders 

Decreased loneliness

Increased empathy

Improved self-esteem

Improved mood for pregnant and postpartum mothers