Meet with Tiffany Roe, Founder and CEO of Mindful Counseling, for business consultation. Meet with Tiffany 1:1 in-person in Orem, Utah or virtually worldwide.


Who is Tiffany?

Tiffany Roe, MA, CMHC and owner of Mindful Counseling has achieved these goals as a self-made entrepreneur (in under 1 year) and can consult with you on your business goals. Tiffany is a pioneer in the social media marketing space as a counselor. She built an Instagram following of 40,000+ followers in under a year-and-a-half and hired a staff of 6 in her private practice.

Tiffany has a top 100 health category Apple podcast (Therapy Thoughts) and has monetized her social media and podcasting efforts. Tiffany has thousands of students enrolled in her online courses and can consult with you in achieving your own business goals.  She created the “therapy is cool” movement and sold thousands of merchandize items; selling out of every one. Tiffany can help your start or grow your own helping practice and attract clients. She is an expert in social media marketing and branding and will show you how to navigate this platform ethically and effectively.

Her approach is simple, direct, and applicable. Dozens of therapists have modeled Tiffany’s approach and found success. Just like her podcast, instagram, and counseling, Tiffany takes a no BS approach and wants you to walk away from consultation ready to rock your business.


Are you a helping professional looking to grow or expand your private practice?

Want to grow a social media platform and following?

Want to attract more self-pay clients to your practice?

Want to build your brand as a therapist?

Want to offer coaching and therapy?

Looking to go into private practice full-time?

Are you unsure how to get clients and hire other therapists?

Want to work part-time and work towards a full-time salary?

Want to find your niche and attract your ideal clients?

Want to monetize your podcast, social media, merchandise, or online courses?

Let’s do it!

how do we get started?

  1. Sign a consultation informed consent contract which including ethical guidelines and limitations to the consulting relationship.

  2. Schedule our consultation appointment and get started! We’ll email back and forth before our first session, making sure our goals and objectives are clear.

  3. Identify your business consultation goals (much like a treatment plan).

  4. Clinical consultation fees

    $500.00 per 60 min single session.

    $1,350.00 for a 3 session pre-paid package.

    $2,500.00 for a 6 session pre-paid package. The 6 session consultation package includes an editable paperwork bundle which includes: social media policy, coaching verses therapy paperwork, and informed consent.



Can I do one session first and then purchase a package?

Yes! Most consulting clients start with one session and then purchase a pre-paid package of 3 or 6 sessions. Sessions cannot be retroactively added into packages, as they are pre-paid for future sessions. You can do consulting on a session by session basis, without purchasing a package. Packages save you money by pre-paying for sessions, but are not required. 

Is there a payment plan option?

If requested, an invoice can be sent by the 5th of the month for services provided during the previous month. Payment is due within 2 weeks of invoice. Otherwise, consultation services are payable to Tiffany Roe within 24 hours of consultation session. Payment options include the following:

a. Electronically through PayPal: send to

b. Electronically through Venmo: send to “Tiffany-Roe”



Are sessions refundable? 

No. I encourage you to look over my website, testimonials, and ask me all questions and concerns via email prior to scheduling a consultation session. Once paid for, work and time is put into the consulting relationship and refunds are not available. I will make it my top priority to be clear about your goals for consulting so no time is wasted while we're working together. 

Does the contract mean I'm committed duration commitment?

No! The consultation contract outlines ethical guidelines for both consultant and consultee. The contract is the "informed consent" of the consultation process. The Clinical Consultation relationship may be terminated at any time for any reason by either party. There is no commitment to continue consulting if you are not satisfied (or totally satisfied) with just one session. 



"Schedule a consultation with Tiffany Roe—you will thank yourself later! I left my initial consultation session feeling super energized and inspired to chase my goals. Tiffany is knowledgeable about the practical side of growing a business and shared valuable insight into this process. But this wasn't even the meat of our session. Tiffany and I dug into who I am, what is holding me back, and how I can show up more authentically. It was a jam-packed hour-- hands down the best place I have spent money while growing my business. I walked away feeling more courageous about my next steps and infinitely more confident in myself. Tiffany is fiercely encouraging and genuine; I immediately knew that she is on my side and has my back. I seriously cannot recommend consultation with Tiffany highly enough—she is a game changer!"

- Toni Aswegan, LMHC, MAC