Mental Health Informed Yoga

Meet with our yoga teachers for trauma-sensitive, gentle, and mental health sensitive yoga in group and 1:1 settings. Meet our teachers below.

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Trauma Sensitive yoga specialist


Hi, I’m Ellie! I have a 200 RYT & am certified in teaching Trauma Sensitive yoga. I’m a believer that we’re all just walking each other home. I have found that the best way I can do that is through yoga. I am so passionate about psychology, people, yoga, nature, and animals. I teach yoga, specifically trauma sensitive yoga to create a community where we come together and connect. Trauma doesn’t have to be scary and it’s less scary when you have people supporting you.

Mindful Mind & Body: Trauma sensitive Yoga

What you can expect from this class is to feel safe and empowered. The space you come to practice in is a held space for you and your healing. We heal the mind-body connection through mindfulness, movement, & breath. 

We will cultivate love & kindess for ourselves & others by approaching our feelings, thoughts, and emotions with acceptance. 

We move through and heal trauma by using gentle yoga poses, flowing movement, prana and breathing practices. 

I teach people, so you can feel comfortable knowing that the practice will be based on what you personally need. 

Through this class you will befriend your body and grow gentler eyes to how you see and feel about yourself. Reconnecting with your body through yoga will teach you how to recognize how you are feeling so you can live fully in the present.

Who is this class for?

Everybody and every body. We all have trauma to work through you don’t have to have had a severe traumatic experience to participate and you don’t have to be skilled or know anything about yoga. This class is gentle and beginner friendly.


What are the benefits?

Trauma is stored in the body, research shows the best way to heal from it is through TS yoga. We use mindfulness and gentle movement to work through whatever you have stored in your body that is no longer serving you. Through your yoga practice you will feel more alive, safe and at peace with & in your body.

What can I expect in a private session with Ellie?

Private sessions are a beautiful and extremely helpful way to grow in your understanding of your own practice. In our private lesson we can explore different levels of yoga and your body so you can learn more rapidly about the yoga practice and how to heal the mind body connection.



Trauma sensitive yoga specialist


Namaste, my name is Malorie Ward! I am a Certified Yoga Teacher – specialized in Mental Health Informed and Trauma Sensitive Yoga – I am incredibly passionate about mental health and social welfare. I have experience working with trauma, mental illness, domestic violence, drug addiction, autism, and residential treatment. In 2018, I moved to Nepal, to care for, and teach trauma sensitive yoga and meditation in a shelter for girls who have been rescued from sex-trafficking. Since returning, this fall, I feel inspired by the goodness and resilience of these girls, and to continue my efforts in creating safe spaces for nurturing, healing, and growth. 


Each yoga class will include a gentle intention/thought/theme/mantra for the day – one that is applicable and adaptable to the human experience. However, consistent, each class will include breath work, poses, stretching, meditation, and rest that is adaptable to every body and ability.

Cultivating Compassion (exploring compassion for the self, other, and humanity through nurturing mantras and movement), Befriending mind & body (softening the relationship with mind/body; cultivating a gentle inner voice, embracing authenticity, and healing perceptions of body), Self-liberation (looking into self-efficacy, and our ability to be our own healer, exploring diet culture, institution, shame, judgement).

Who is this class for?

I am passionate about bringing safe, informed, and gentle yoga to all bodies, ages, abilities, identities, races, and spaces of inclusion; the practice of yoga itself is about healing, accepting, and honoring of the humanness in each of us. It is a practice of self-care, and tailored to those looking for emotional and physical liberation. 

What are the benefits?

Trauma Sensitive yoga is a simple blend of breath, movement, and stillness, to promote the nurturing benefits of self-love and self-care. Yoga facilitates a gentle and compassionate relationship with the self, as we learn to grow gentle eyes towards the psychological and physiological discomforts that arise when we give ourselves permission to slow down, feel, stretch, rest, and let go. We also learn to grow non-judgmental ears to listen to our needs; each and every human-being is worthy of feeling safe in their own mind and body, we provide this environment by the way we treat ourselves. However, in our imperfect world, we aren't always taught appropriate ways to sit with our emotions, create boundaries, or ask for what we need. Yoga helps us create space and intention in creating those healthier ways to move through the human emotional experience. The beautiful thing about this is that when we continue learning how to cultivate that softness and warmth for ourselves, we can provide that for other people when they are in our midst. 

What can I expect in a private session with Malorie?

Tools and guidance to adapt a mindful meditation and movement practice that is personal to your own needs and intentions. My hope, through yoga, is to bring the body and mind gently together to release tension and cultivate compassion. A private session is the opportunity to closely look at the areas of tension; in the body and mind, to learn how to sit with the ease with your thoughts and physical stretches. It is also a great way to learn the practice of a yoga on a deeper, more personal level, to become more comfortable with using it as a vessel of healing and growth. 






Hello, i’m Tara! I’m a KRI certified Kundalini yoga teacher and Mayo Clinic certified wellness coach who specializes in sound therapy and trauma recovery. She is a trauma survivor who found immense healing through Kundalini yoga and sound therapy, so she left her corporate job to share those tools with others. Tara plays the gong and crystal singing bowls and is the founder of Good Vibes Collective, a collection of online yoga and meditation courses, wellness coaching, sound healing events, and original meditation music to help people heal their lives and raise their vibes. 


EVERYONE! This class is designed for anyone (regardless of their experience with yoga or meditation) who would like to learn how to meditate and have more power over their personal space and energy. It is beautiful for men and women and requires little flexibility.


Community of others doing their healing work and journey. Someone to hold space for you to feel and process what you need to, so you don't have to do it alone if you don't want to!

Greater feelings of self love and compassion for others

Feelings of stillness and calm

Brain is calmer and more balanced

Increased ability to navigate intense emotions (and emotions at all) and/or triggering experiences

More intuition about YOUR life

Sleep better at night

Be more neutral and less reactive; more grounded

Body feels more flexible and you get to feel more connected to it

Nervous system (where we store our trauma) is healthier and better able to withstand physical ailments and emotional overwhelm

Increased self awareness and autonomy

Personal power; connectedness to breath